Educational Consulting
and Staff Development for Schools

We know that educators care deeply about kids, and we celebrate educators' expertise. Kids First consultants support educators by providing inservice trainings, institute-day workshops, and individual case consultations. We create staff development events specifically tailored to meet school improvement priorities, district goals, and student needs.

Our consultants have expertise with respect to the following:

  • Program Evaluation

  • Parent Engagement

  • Positive Emotional Climate Training for IEP Teams

  • Individual Student Problem Solving

  • Individualized Student Evaluations

  • Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs)

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) or Response to Intervention (RTI)

See below for additional information regarding our some of our services for school districts. 



Parent Engagement

At Kids First Collaborative, we are passionate about engaging families in education. We believe that parent engagement is one of the most powerful predictors of student success. Given the complexities of special education procedures, we believe it is particularly important to engage families of children with disabilities in the education process. Kids First consultants work with school districts as they seek to partner with families. We provide staff development around parent engagement, and we can also facilitate parent trainings with respect to the IEP process. If your school is interested in more effectively partnering with families, please contact us. 


Individual student problem-solving

We recognize the challenges that educators face. Too often we are asked to do more with fewer resources. Sometimes all we need is an outside perspective to help us move forward in the problem-solving process and truly identify effective interventions, strategies, and supports for students. Kids First Consultants have extensive experience facilitating student problem-solving teams. Our consultants are licensed school psychologists and school administrators who can help school teams interpret school-wide data sources, design effective interventions, and monitor student progress. If you would like to improve your school's problem-solving process, or are interested in accessing support around an individual student, please contact us. 



Kids First Collaborative conducts psycho-educational evaluations on behalf of school districts whose caseloads exceed staffing resources. Please contact us if you're  interested in discussing our school psychologist contractual services.